Although I was born and raised in Rowan County, North Carolina, I have been privileged to see most of the world.  After studying business in college, I quickly realized that I was not cut out to sit behind a desk.  I spent several years traveling with a vocal group as a sound engineer which ultimately opened the door for me to go on tour with many well-known music artists and groups.

In an effort to slow down and spend more time with my then girlfriend, Stephanie, I moved back to North Carolina.  Two years later, I married Stephanie and found myself back on the road working in NASCAR.  After two more years of never-ending travel, I again felt it was time to hang up my travel kit and settle down.

When Stephanie and I got married, we honestly never even discussed hiring a videographer.  Our photographer did not suggest it, nor did our wedding planner.  The church we were married in had a camcorder and we were allowed to purchase an old-school VHS tape and record the ceremony.  We learned before returning from our honeymoon that it had been lost during the clean up but were assured it would be found.  It wasn’t.  The lack of wedding video is the only thing we regret about our Big Day.

I learned from our experience that there was a need in our area for a quality videographer.  When the opportunity presented itself for me to start Skip Erdman Events, I jumped at it.  With the support of Stephanie, and lots of research, I bought every piece of quality equipment I could get my hands on.  I shot my first wedding video while simultaneously DJing the event.  From that day, I was hooked!  I knew this would be a lifelong adventure and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride.

~ Skip