Welcome Backstage!  Your pass to greatness!  This will allow you to see what we do and the steps we take, just before we roll out the premiere of your big day.  An ALL ACCESS PASS is reserved for the select few who are truly excited to have Skip Erdman Events film their special moments.  Backstage, personal attention is given to the exact details of your wedding, creating a custom masterpiece.

Here’s what an ALL ACCESS PASS grants you: access backstage to our online planning tools and answers to the questions you’ve been wanting from us.  Answers about pricing and all the little things we do to set ourselves apart from your typical wedding video.  Special attention is given to your event when you become a V.I.P. with Skip Erdman Events.  As a V.I.P, we create an intimate and private setting, just before the Big Show that allows you to prepare for your event in the comfort of your own home using our online planning tools.  We’re ready to cater to your every desire; you’re our star!


V.I.P. Login

If you haven’t been upgraded to V.I.P status, you must first get on our guest list.  Just fill out the Contact Form under the Contact tab (top right) and we will reach out to you with everything you need and want to know about having your very own customized cinematic film.